Top 5 Wednesday : 27/04/16

Happy Wednesday!! This week's topic is: Favourite Mother/Maternal Figures 

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5. Jocelyn Fairchild - The Mortal Instruments

I wasn't sure if I should add Jocelyn to this list as at some points she did annoy me with the motherly choices she made, but now I see the benefit of them. She was always looking out for Clary and her her wellbeing. All the choices she made were based on her daughters' safety and I admire that.

4. Charlotte Branwell - The Infernal Devices

From the start of Clockwork Angel I can always remember Charlotte being right by everyones side, helping and doing all sorts of motherly things for everyone she loved and cared about. She was one of my favourite characters in 'The Infernal Devices'

3. Esme Collin

Esme Collin is an amazing maternal figure. She is a very interesting and has been raising all of these "teenages" for a very very very long time so I think she should get some credit for that! Plus, I love the name Esme so much!! 

2. Molly Weasley - Harry Potter

Oh, Molly Weasley should get mother of the year award in the world of Harry Potter! She was an amazing mother to all of the Weasley children. My favourite thing about her is that even though Harry Potter could have been seen as a danger to her family to have around, she stood by him with no second look and welcomed him so dearly. Molly is such a great character.

1. Julia Cohen - Slammed

I loved Julia. She raised the most amazing children and she trusted all the right people. She not only mothered her own children but two more with a twist. You really have to read this trilogy to see what I am talking about. But Julia just does everything the way you are supposed to do it. Of course she makes mistakes, but it's the way she handles all the situations she is put in with her children and just her life in general that makes her my favourite mother figure.


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