11 Question Book Tag

Happy Tuesday to my fellow book lovers!! Here is the 11 Question Book Tag...

1. Where do you like to read?
I mostly read in bed, but a comfy lounge beside a window will do any day.

2. What was the first book in your currently favorite genre that you read?
Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover. I am currently loving New Adult :)

3. Do you have any books or habits that get you out of a reading slump?
I watch a lot of booktube and that usually gets me out of my reading slump and motivates me to read!

4. When did you start book blogging?
January 2015!

5. Do you listen to music when you read?
It depends on the book, but I usually get distracted if I do.

6. What do you use as bookmarks?
I mainly use my book depository bookmarks.

7. How many books do you read a year on average?
30ish but I've been reading a lot more now :)

8. Favorite villain?
Sebastian - The Mortal Instruments. I don't think he counts, but I don't care.

9. Favorite romance?
Malec. - The Mortal Instruments. 


10. Favorite parental figure in a book?
Mia's parents in If I Stay. They are the coolest parents ever.

11. If you got the chance to turn a book into a movie what would that book be? (You get to direct and make all the important decisions so you know it will be a good movie)
The Covenant Series - Jennifer L. Armentrout. I haven't even finished it yet, but I know how amazing it will be.


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