Allegiant Movie Release Book Tag

I thought I would do this tag seeing as I did just see the movie last night at a preview screening and I LOVED IT !! Enjoy!

1. Obvious question - What faction are you and why?
I think I would be in Erudite because I am pretty intelligent, but it's more so that I don't think I would fit into any other faction.

2. If you had to make your very own faction, what would it be called?

A faction where you just read and watch tv shows/movies. I think I would fit into that ome.

3. If you were leaving your home/faction, what's the one thing from your old life you would bring with you?

Maybe a favourite book, but if I could I would bring a photo album or something along those lines.

4. Good with knives?

Unless it's cutting up food then no.

5. Why does Four love about you?

The real question is what does Four not love about me because he be loving me from all over. 

6. Tris. Short hair? Long hair?


7. Would you go beyond the wall or stay put?

I would like to think I would go beyond and I know I would really want to because I always need answers, but I don't think I am rebellious enough...


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