Books I Want To Be Movies

One of the things I love most in this world is when a really good book gets turned into a movie aaaaand it is done well!

I think I will be adding to this list as I read more and more!

Here are all the books I want to be movies :

  • All of Colleen Hoovers' books. 

I have actually heard some rumors about Ugly Love becoming a movie and I really hope that is true! Colleen's writing makes me feel real hard and if that was brought to the screen it would be amazing.

  • The Lunar Chronicals - Marissa Meyer

This would just be the best thing to ever exist.

  • Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

This would turn out to be an amazing movie and I know every teenage girl/boy would love it.

  • Looking For Alaska - John Green

I know the story as to why this hasn't become a movie yet, but it still pains me that it isn't! Looking For Alaska is my favourite of his books and I would love to see the story come to life.

  • Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan
I think this book has such an important message to deliver to everyone and it would be an incredible, amazing and great movie to watch. It would also educate as well as help people all over the world.


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