Top 5 Wednesday - 13/04/16

This weeks topic - Books With Hard Topics

This weeks topic was a very difficult to do. The reason for this being is that I have not read many books with hard topics so I really had to dig deep. I hope that I start reading more book with harder topic to widen my reading variety a little bit more!

5. Gone Girl
Gone Girl is a book filled with so many hard topics, rape and domestic violence themes are discussed throughout this book. I personally do not know what to think of this book, so I won't go too far into it. Gone Girl deals with many hard topics and should definitely be included in this list.

4. We Were Liars
In We Were Liars memory loss and even grief is themed in this book. I will not explain any further because this book is best left untold. I personally disliked this book and it upset me in many ways, but the themes had nothing to do with it.

3. Eleanor & Park
Throughout Eleanor & Park we see ideas of abuse in one of the characters' household. I think the way Rainbow Rowell explained it and discussed the topic with her readers was excellent and it helps you understand certain things.

2. Two Boys Kissing
Two Boys Kissing is about people expressing who they really are and dealing with homophobic people and other people's opinions while conveying the person they really are to the people around them and to the world. I love this book and everything it stands for. Homosexuality can be a very hard topic to deal with, but when done right like David Levithan has done, it should be commended.

1. Thirteen Reasons Why
Suicide, depression, loss, love and many more topics are in Thirteen Reasons Why. Throughout this book we read and listen to Clay's reactions to Hannah Baker's death as well as everything leading up to it and I think this book fills you with so many emotions and it deals with so many important topics making it very hard hitting.



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