Top 5 Wednesday: 25/05/16

Happy Wednesday! This week's topic is: Characters You Defend

These are characters that you love, but no one else seems so you are constantly defending them!

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5. Peeta Mallark (The Hunger Games Trilogy)
Peeta has often been portrayed as weak or useless, but this amazing trilogy would not have been the same at all without him. For me he brings so much to the table and I just love him!

4. Aaron Warner (Shatter Me Trilogy)
Yes I did hate him in the first book, but didn't everybody? As I read the next books I fell madly in love with him. A lot of people, even after reading the other books still don't like him and I just do not understand their train of thought because HOW?!

3. Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter Series)
Ahh, Draco. He is one of my favourite characters in Harry Potter. Although he may not have the best intentions at some points I always feel for him and I always see myself defending him and what he stands for.

2. Sebastian Morgernstern (The Mortal Instruments)
This may be a very very bad one. I can't really explain this to you without spoiling so I am just going to say that I really love his character and think Cassandra Clare is amazing for creating this incredible personality that I will never stop defending even though I do not agree with half the stuff he does!

1. America Singer (The Selection Series)
I think a very large amount of people think America is annoying, even the people that loved the books. I just never saw that in her and maybe there is something wrong with me, but I honestly didn't have any problems with her character.


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