Top 5 Wednesday - 11/05/16

Happy Wednesday!! This week's topic is: Characters You Are Most Like

5. Rose Hathaway - Vampire Academy
I feel as if Rose and I share the same type of humor and sarcasm. Whilst reading Vampire Academy I noticed a lot of similarities between Rose and I and this helped me connect with her character.

4. Simon Lewis - The Mortal Instruments
Simon is a nerd and so am I. Simon and I both share the same passion of knowing a lot of information about topics we love. You see him refer back to many games, etc. in the books and I think I do that in real life too.

3. Anne Frank - A Diary Of A Young Girl
Obviously, Anne Frank is not a made up character, but I felt as if I shared some of her characteristics and we had a very similar personality. As I read her diary I couldn't help but think the same way she thinks. This may be due to the close age, but I loved reading her thoughts and views, she was a very opinionated person, very alike me.

2. Hermione Granger - Harry Potter
Hermione and I are both book worms. I related so much to her love of reading and her love to learn. I am always as excited as she is for school and I am always ready to learn and try my best just like Hermione.

1. Cinder Linh - The Lunar Chronicals
The reason I think Cinder and I related so much is because we both have the same amount of self-confidence. I noticed that we both share the same perspectives on certain topics and had matching personality traits.  

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