My Top 3 Reading Places

Lately I have been trying new places to read to find my desired spot. 

Here are my current top 3 places to read a book: 

3. My Bed

I only try to read on my bed if I am trying to go to sleep because otherwise I will fall asleep or lose my ambition to read. My bed is just too comfy! I love reading on my bed though, it is by far the most comfortable place to read. 

2. A Chair

I think I am most alert when I am sitting on a chair. I get the most reading done and I feel much more awake on a chair rather than in bed! It is probably the least comfortable though. I need to find a really comfy chair so I can read for days at a time!

1. The Beach

As I have grown up always living across the road from the beach, I feel as if the waves calm me. It is so peaceful and quiet if you find the right place at the beach and you also get a tan which is a total bonus. I also love reading outside. It gives me such a fresh feeling and a sense of living life.

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