Top 5 Wednesday 22/04/15

This T5W was a lot harder than others as I needed to look at my bookshelf and look at each book I have read individually to remember if they had travelling in them. Some books were more prominent in my brain, but I have a very bad memory so you can see how that would turn out.


5. The Giver by Lois Lowry -

In The Giver, the second half of the book centres around his journey to find anything beyond his safe community. It is a different kind of travel, it should probably be classified as more of a journey, but travelling is a journey. I really enjoyed the descriptions of the setting while Jonas travelled through. 

4. Allegiant by Veronica Roth -

For some weird reason I really enjoyed the traveling part to this book. All I despised was the end of Allegiant. When they travelled I found it entertaining, but informative at the same time. Some people may not have liked that I guess. I liked the suspense and the action was great. 

3. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg -

The travelling in this book takes place when Penny has an opportunity to go to New York with her family and her best friend. She isn't so keen because of her anxiety and that is what I love most about this travel. While she is on the plane she deals with her anxiety and makes an even stronger bond with her best friend while travelling. ALSO BECAUSE OF NOAH!!! 

2. Percy Jackson #1 by Rick Riordan -

A lot of travelling happens in this book, that's for sure! They go to all different kinds of places to find the Lightning Bolt that he has been framed of stealing. It just is a very action-packed book with a lot of travelling that will entertain you from start to finish!

1. City of Glass #3 by Cassandra Clare -

Although the travelling in this book is supernaturally done it's done well and very entertaining. This is the first time we see some real travelling in The Mortal Instruments Series and it was done phenomenally. The setting of Idris is so beautifully written and just the feel of everything while reading was the feeling you should get when you read every book!


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