How I See My Blog...

I know my last few posts haven't really been book related, but this post is bog related and I just wanted to share my view of my blog & the internet. :)

So not even just 5 minutes ago I checked my STATS here for my blog. I not only realised I have had over 900 people view my blog, but they were from all over the world! This amazes me for several reasons:

1. I'm just an awkward teenager who is obsessed with books and music.

2.  Why does anyone care about my opinion on a book that I've read.

3. And how are people from whole other countries viewing my content that I make in just a short amount of time in my dark little room (I promise I'm not a creepy person who stalks everyone at night) in a blink of an eye.  

It is so incredible that someone that I do not even know is reading this right now and maybe even relating to this, as they might even have their own blog or are just amazed at how cool the internet can be!

I know that I'm not 'the biggest blog out there" or "famous", but I am thankful that I get the opportunity to write online about my thoughts about something I love and have people view it and hopefully connect to it. 

I really enjoy reading peoples blogs so if you have a blog PLEASE leave it below so I can check it out and maybe even discover something amazing that I obsess over (If you can't already tell I obsess over a lot!). 



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