Mixtape Monday 13/04/15

Happy Monday everyone!!! At least it's holidays otherwise I would not be saying that! 

I will leave links to the music videos of these songs if they have one. :)

Here are 10 of my favourite songs this week.

1.  Sugar - Maroon 5 :

I have been listening to this song on replay since the start of this week and I cannot get enough of it! I also really enjoy the video clip, you all should check it out it's so amazing!! - Sugar Music Video

2.  Young Girls - Bruno Mars :

I just recently heard this play on the radio again after awhile of being released and I fell in love with the song all over again. I love Bruno Mars and this has to be one of my favourite songs of his.

3. In The End - Black Veil Brides :

Not only until just recently have I become obssessed with the band Black Veil Brides but I have fell in absolute adoration with this song. I think the real reason I like this song is because, not only is it meaningful and emotional, but the music is just produced so well and Andy Beirsack's (the lead singer of BVB) voice is just SO amazing. You haven't heard a great voice until you hear his. In The End Music Video

4. Centuries - Fall Out Boy :

I loveee Fall Out Boy so dang much! They are a great band and they release such great music. This song is no exception, it is so purposeful and significant. It's one of those songs you can put on repeat for awhile and not get sick of it. 

5. Elastic Heart - Sia :

I first heard this song when I saw the music video and was immediently taken away! I just love the rhythm and beat to the song. As well as the lyrics they are extremely well thought out and remarkably amazing in their own little way. Elastic Heat Music Video

6. What Now - Rihanna :

I've loved this song since it first came out, but recently just started playing it on my everyday playlist and I'm loving it even more. This is mainly since I relate with the lyrics and find them emotionally attaching. Also because of the way Rihanna sings the song with so much passion and sentiment. What Now Music Video

7. Girls - The 1975 :

I love The 1975 and all the music they have released so far. They are such a great band with really unique tastes and music. This song in particular though I have a thing for, especially this week. I have been rocking out to this one when I clean up which speeds up the process. Girls Music Video

8. Bring Me To Life - Evanescence :

This song is just a blast of all emotions. I love how the rhythm is set out and how you don't know what direction the song is headed in. I love how her voice sounds against the music playing. It takes my breath away every time. Bring Me To Life Music Video

9. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith :

It was either going to be I Know I'm Not The Only One or this beautiful hit. I decided to choose this one basically because of the way Sam Smith delivers the song and how amazingly prepossessing this song is to me. It has so much meaning and I just love Sam Smith, period. Lay Me Down Music Video

10. Jealous - Labrinth :

I absolutely love the way Labrinth sings this song with such a sensation that can only me found in his voice and words. It coveys his message in such a special way with such amazing words and an astounding voice. Jealous Music Video

I hope you enjoyed Mixtape Monday! I will be back with another one next Monday!!


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