Top 5 Wednesday Day: 01/06/16

Happy Wednesday! This week's topic is: Book Theme Songs

These are songs that you associate with particular books for whatever reason.

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5. Beating Heart by Ellie Goulding - (Divergent Series)
I think I link this song to the Divergent series because it is on the soundtrack and it is played at the end of  the Insurgent movie, but it just feels like it connects to the story in ways.

4. Bad Girls by M.I.A - (Vampire Academy Series)
This song is also in the Vampire Academy movie. This song suits Rose extremely well. It is as if the song was made for her character and whenever I hear/talk about this series I immediately think of this song.

3. Boom Clap by Charli XCX - (The Fault In Our Stars)
Yet another song that is played in the book to movie adaptation! This song just feels like it goes with their feelings whilst they were in Amsterdam, so I think it is perfectly suited.

2. Willamette Stone - (If I Stay & Where She Went)
I have this whole entire album on my Spotify playlist and it is my life. This is the actual band that is "made up" in the books and there is an entire album full of songs that are mentioned mostly in Where She Went. Seeing as my favourite thing about this duology is this band it seems perfect that I choose them for this.

1. Harry Potter Prologue (Theme Song) - (Harry Potter Series)
How can you not hear this song whilst thinking or reading or doing something Harry Potter related? I believe this is the most accurate book theme song for many obvious reasons that I am pretty sure you agree on.


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