Top 5 Wednesday : 15/06/16

Happy Wednesday!! This week's topic is : Favourite Fathers/Father Figures

If you want to know everything about this T5W, you can click on this amazing link which will take you to Goodreads.  T5W was created by Lainey but is now managed by Samantha!

5. Carlisle Cullen : Twilight

I love Carlisle's history and how he came to be and I enjoyed learning about the history of how he became a "father" to all of the Cullen children. His story is interesting and the role he plays towards everyone is inspiring and I just love his character!

4. Lola's Dad's (Names Unknown) : Lola and the Boy Next Door 

Although we do not know their names or very much of their background, we know they are awesome. Lola shows that immensely and her interactions with them and especially the interactions Cricket has with her parents is very entertaining and fun! I know if I met them in person I would instantly love them.

3. Arthur Weasley : Harry Potter

Arthur is Ron's father and I certainly see the similarities. I love what he stands for as a person and he is such a great role model to all of his many children. You can see the love in his actions, words and views.

2. Eddard Stark : A Game of Thrones

Eddard's character is incredible and his role as a father to the Stark children and to everyone in general is something to admire in itself. He actually reminded me a lot of the way my Dad is with my family (minus a few weird and gross things). You could defiantly tell his love for his family and it was very different from many other families in A Game of Thrones.

1. Haymitch Abernathy : The Hunger Games

Ok, Haymitch is awesome and I love him. The contribution and part he plays to Katniss and Peeta was at the same time, loving (in its own little way), amazeballs and just entertaining. I treasured his relationships with everyone because his character isn't just full of wise, crazy words, but he is bonkers and I loved every second of it!


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