Top 5 Wednesday : 08/06/16

Happy Wednesday! This week's topics is: Favourite Character Names

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5. Sebastian - The Mortal Instruments

Sebastian's character is a brilliantly amazing creation by Cassandra Clare, but his name is one that I love! I just adore the name Sebastian (even though it isn't his real name). I just feel attached to this name and it adds more intrigue to his persona. 

4. Jem - The Infernal Devices

Yes it is another Shadowhunter book and I am not even sorry because Jem is a very creative name and just quite pleasing to hear. I love the sound of the name and Jem as a character makes me even fonder of the name.

3. Kai - The Lunar Chronicles 

Not only is Kai a cute 3 lettered name, but I feel as though the name suits him fantastically and describes him and his character. I loved Kai in The Lunar Chronicles and everything he stood for. I think his name and character defiantly deserve a position on this list.

2. Esme - Twilight

I absolutely adore this name, but I am not exactly sure why. I think it's very original and expressive name that is quite oldish and I really love the look and sound of it. I believe this would be one a name that would come back into fashion for babies names.

1. Khaleesi - A Game of Thrones

The name Kahaleesi is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and so is her character. Khaleesi is awesome and no one can say otherwise. This name literally means 'Queen' in Dothraki and I love how she kept the title even after all the events occurred. The name is so empowering and speaks to me in such a deep way.


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