"There's not even a Scrabble word for how I'm feeling right now."
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is an interesting, suspenseful and heartbreaking read, that'll leave you questioning everything. This novel defiantly messes with your mind until the very end. E. Lockhart's writing captured me from the very start of this book, I could tell straight away her writing style was unique and that it may not be for everyone, but I personally enjoyed it. As I can't tell you much about the plot without spoiling you I will just share my thoughts on how I reacted during reading this book.

As soon as I started reading I was confused, I was completely shocked at how different the plot actually was than how I thought. This only occurred because I had no idea what it was about before reading. Although I was confused for majority of the book, I felt an attachment to the characters and loved the way the author portrayed them, especially Cadence (the protagonist) .

I knew something was going to happen in the end, but I did not expect what happened and I actually hated how Emily played the scene out. It confused me and made me angry. I felt like I was reading a book where at the end it's all a dream and none of it happened, even though it did.

Still this book continues to confuse me, even after I've finished. I don't understand the concept of the tragedy at all, it left me asking questions that will never be answered and I particularly think they should of been answered during the last pages at least. Also I felt as if things were left untouched, such as the Aunties' relationship and what happened to Granddad? The ending to me was rushed and wasn't explained in the best way possible.

Even after all that I found myself still enjoying the concept of the Liars and the Sinclair family defiantly intrigued me. You may be shocked to hear that I gave We Were Liars 4/5 stars and I do recommend this book to anyone who likes a shocking ending and/or a mystery that will leave you in tears.


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