How I Write My Book Reviews

Hi everyone, today I thought I would do something a little different seeing as I haven't completed a book in awhile and I want to still keep posting here! I'm going to be sharing with you how I personally create my layout for a book review!

First thing I do is pick up a book that I am keen to read or a book that I need to read for review or school. As I read, I will either make note of something I like or dislike in my review notebook or/and I will tab a quote or saying with a sticker that I find intriguing or amusing.

After I finish the book I will then go on to my laptop and open up a new post for my blog and get everything I would like to include in the post before I write my review, like so:



Series or Standalone: 



Publication Date:

When I finish researching all of the following, I will then look up the Goodreads summary and insert that as well.

I then gather all my notes I have taken from my notebook and put them together to create my review on my thoughts of the book I am reviewing. I like to include what I enjoyed and did not enjoy about the plot, characters, writing style and basically anything else the book I am reading covers. 

When I am finished the review, I edit it a few times just to make sure it's as perfect as it can get, then I add my star ratings on particular things, like this:





Overall Enjoyment:

To finish it all off I add a picture of the cover of the book in the top left-hand corner of the post and I just re-read the entire post. Once I am happy with it I will post it on my blog and share it on my social media. 

Hope you enjoyed something different from me! 

-Brooklyn xx


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